Friday, May 24, 2013

Cambodian Fast Food at Yummy Express in Lowell

When I am feeling lazy or in a rush, we head to Yummy Express on Branch street to grab a sandwich, meat steamed bun or noodle dish.  The fast food mom and pop's shop is tucked in a parking lot in an area known as "Cambodian Town" at the intersection of Branch and Middlesex street.

In that area, there are many restaurants, Cambodian grocery stores, jewelry stores, travel and immigration agencies and salons.  My out of state relatives envy that we have so many restaurants and shops at our disposal.

image via Cambodia Town's Facebook Page

Parking is sometimes tricky on the weekends because the lot is usually full from the Cambodian grocery store a throne stone away.

Yummy Express Lowell
I always get overwhelmed when I go to Yummy Express because I never know what to get.  The Mo usually sticks with his Beef sandwich which is almost like  like the traditional Vietnamese Banh mi with beef lieu of the ham and head cheese cold cuts.  For a baguette filled with cilantro, carrots, daikon, meet and special mayo pate, the light entree only sets us back $3.00.

Yummy Express Lowell Baguette sandwiches

He also likes their dried beef jerky andbeef on a stick with pickled vegetables, both for $ 5.00 a package.

I never leave without getting their eggrolls, 3 for $ 1.25.  They're not the best in town but they hit the spot.  We almost always get their fresh spring rolls when available, a 3-pack is about $3.50 with sweetened fish sauce.

The last time I was there, I tried the "Nom Pa Chok" noodles.  They are served in plastic containers with all the Cambodian herb and vegetable fixings with the curry sauce in a bag.  The meal only set me back $3.00.  I took it home and put it in a real bowl.  What a great bargain!

Yummy Express Cambodian Rice Noodles Nom Pa Chok $ 3.00
They also have cold noodles with egg rolls, vegetables and meats available in packages ranging from $3.00 to $5.00.  These noodles are typically served with sweetened fish sauce.

image via Lnc T on Yelp
Also available are home cooked entrees.  They are set up in a Cafeteria like style display and you tell them what you want and how much of it.  There are different size takeout containers set at difference prices.  My favorite is the "som la machew kroeung" with beef and "pra hok ka ti", Cambodian curry pork paste.  You can cook rice at home or grab additional rice for $2.00 for a small box or $5.00 for a large.

They also specialize in Cambodian dessert and offers quite a selection of glutinous rice cakes, waffles and balls and coconut based treats.

Yummy Express Lowell hot entrees, desserts and sandwiches
Like all the other restaurants and shop. they also have bubble tea with pearls in all the popular flavors.

Check them out! You can get lunch for $ 3.00 or less!

** Try their banh xeo (Veitnamese yellow crepe stuffed with ground pork, coconut and beansprouts) a packages of 2 hearty crepes with vegetables, herbs and sauces only sets you back $5.00


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    Address: 21 Branch St, Lowell, MA 01851   Phone:(978) 458-6825