Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 3 Fethiye and Calis Beach

The trip keeps getting better and better! After dragging ourselves out of bed, we finally made it to breakfast. The offerings was the usual Turkish fare, hard boiled eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, olives and bread.

We walked into town to pay visit our travel operator and pay off our cruise balances and get information for our ferry to Greece.  With some direction from many people, we were able to hop on a bus and make our way to Calis beach, one of the larger beaches in Fethiye.  We opted out of the picturesque Olunduiz since it was more expensive to visit and we would also be visiting that same beach on our island hopping adventures on the gulet cruise.

Calis beach was a nice pebbly beach. The water was like  bath water with soft waves hitting the shore.  It was definitely not crowded at all, I think it is closer to the end of the season and both locals and tourists are back to their daily grind of work and school.  There was a charge for umbrellas and sunbeds so we just laid out on our towels to save money.  We packed a cooler with water, beers and snacks to hold us over until lunch.

After about  3 to 4 hours, we had enough of the blazing sun and headed out to grab lunch.  We walked by a few restaurants and looked at their menus.  After walking for a short amount   time, Helen suggested a local restaurant on the corner of the main instersection called, “Mehtap.” 

The restaurant had free WIFI so we pulled out their cellphones and logged in to check our emails and the latest Facebook news feeds….yes we still check FB on vacation.

We have yet to have one bad meal so far, all our dishes were absolutely fantastic.  I didn’t try Syn’s omelets but will try to imitate them later in Greece.  Mo’s Turkish meatballs with tomato and cheese sauce was hearty and delicious.  My chili chicken dish was reminiscent of an Indo-Chinese dish with the roasted bell peppers in addition to the grilled chili peppers.  We finished everything and cleaned off our plates.

After arriving back at our hotel room, we booked a “Turkish Bath” tour.  Little did we know that our shuttle driver would be taking us back to the same exact location we just were a few hours ago on Calis Beach.  We were asked to take off our clothes and leave on our bathing suits.  We were guided into a dry  sauna and after what seemed like an eternity decided it was unbearable and moved into the steam room.  We were only in there for a few minutes and decided to start our Turkish Bath. 

There were 4 different middle aged Turkish men working the Turkish bath.  They were extremely friendly and playful.  We each had our own side of the large marble table with columns.  First, they scrubbed off all of our dead skin with a hand exfoliator.  I was disgusted to see how much dead skin I had on my body.  They advised this was a good procedure to result in a nice even tan throughout vacation. 


After washing by body with cool, I returned back to the table for a shampoo lather and massage.  This was the best part as foamy soap was lathered onto my body in addition to getting a massage. The last step was a scalp massage and shampoo lather.  Although this left my hair dry since there was no conditioning process, the scalp massage was nice.  The experience will definitely be one of the highlights of my trip.

We went back to our rooms and took a nap and headed towards downtown Fethiye to a highly recommended bar called Deep Blue Bar.  We enjoyed some peanuts and fresh popcorn on the house with our round of drinks.

After a few drinks we went to Mozaik Bacik for dinner.  We read great reviews on different blog sites and tripadvisor.  We definitely enjoyed our meal without going over our budget.