Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bonchon... by Kim

So I've only had Bonchon once in my life... and not at the restaurant either...the Mo's brother brought us a takeout meal that included wings and drumsticks... I have to admit, it was pretty tasty and I would probably eat more of it if it was closer... but the thought of driving to Brighton/Allston (45 mins away), finding parking and then driving back was NOT appealing.. so I attempted to make my own version
Room Temperature wings marinated with my favorite seasonging: Adobo
After numerous google searches and youtube videos, I decided to attempt my own Bonchon wings.
Wings Coated in Corn starch and fried for 10 mins then removed from oil to cool
My own ingredients for the spicy sauce
Refry the chicken for another 10 minutes
Sauced Simmered in pan
Pan Tossed glazed Wings

Spicy Wings
Mami's "Bonchon"