Sunday, May 8, 2016

Loui Loui Seafood Boil in the suburbs of Boston

The Mo and I haven't really been venturing out to try new restaurants much but we kept seeing Facebook friends pics and updates about this new seafood boil restaurant in Stoneham.

The restaurant opened back earlier this year and is located in a strip plaza. Parking is plentiful.

The concept is pretty cool, you get enter, wait in line, put in your order, get a buzzer, gather condiments/supplies (bib, gloves, utensils) and find a seat.

There is no wait staff service coming to take your order or bringing you napkins. I totally dig this! No waiting around for anything. On the plus side, there are "No Tipping" signs throughout the establishment.  For a $100.00 meal, that pretty much saves you $20.00.

Although they don't have a full liquor license, a great variety of beer is offered and individual size bottles of wine is available for $6.00 each.

To start off our meal, we each got a drink, red wine for myself and a bottle of Yuengling for the Mo. I saw fresh oysters on the half shell so of course we got a half dozen.  One of the employees actually brought it to our table instead of using the buzzer. I guess that is for the bigger order for the latter. The oysters were really big and succulent and served with cocktail sauce and a single lemon slice.  I could have used another one.

1/2 doz oysters $13.00
For dinner, there were different seafood selections for the boil and different flavors to choose from. There were also fried seafood baskets and po boy's if one didn't want to get messy eating the bagged boil.  The combo looked enticing but neither of us like mussels and we both enjoy different levels of spice. I learned my lesson from my last visit to a seafood boil, Hot N Juicy.

It's best to go in a large group and order many things to share. Since there was only the two of us, it was a bit difficult.  Not listed on the menu, they had a few crab specials that included affordable blue crabs as well as rock crabs for a premium price.

For dinner, we ordered:

  • 1 pound of Louisiana style spicy frozen crawish (there was a $5.00 upcharge for fresh)
  • 1 pound of baby clams Louisiana style, medium
  • 1 pound of garlic butter shrimp mild
  • 2 sides of rice
  • 2 sides of corn
  • 1 side of andouille sausage
Food was ready in a short time and we were ready to eat!

The seafood boil was served in plastic bags and the sides were in paper cups and trays.  A metal bucket was provided for our table scraps and shells.  We put on our gloves and bibs and dug right in.

The side of andouille sausages were plentiful and make note that one side order of corn is actually (2) pieces.

side of rice ($2.00) / side of sausage ($4.00)

frozen crawfish $10.00 (SPICY Louisiana) 
 My favorite was the baby clam! Since the shells were open, there was plenty of flavor!

Baby clam in mild Louisiana sauce $12.00 per pound
 The garlic butter shrimp has a great flavor as well. It's a good option for those that can't handle the heat. It was a bit tedious to get the shell off but the shrimp was large.

garlic butter shrimp $13.00 per pound
We ate every last piece of seafood. There was NOTHING left.

Overall, it was a great experience and the prices were reasonable.  We would definitely visit again.  

Tip: Get there before 6 PM to snag a table. It was a full house when we were dined. People had to wait for seats to open up.

For all the food and 3 wines and 3 beers, the total came to about $90.00 for the both of us. It would have been half the price if we nixed the booze and oysters but what fun would that be?

Currently, there are 2 other restaurants nearby that offer a similar seafood boil experience.  Both Holly Crab in Brighton and Shaking Crab in Newton have positive reviews.

I don't think they have an actual website, but they do have a FB page and many reviews on Yelp.

  •  Loui Loui 
  • 101 Main St 
  • Stoneham, MA
  • Phone number
    (781) 435-2145