Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cambodia Temples & Beaches

Cambodia was the first big trip that the MO and I took (Jamaica didn't really count).  Travelling a gruesome 19+ hours puts your relationship to the test.  We went in December for my cousin's wedding.  We did Battambang, the temple and ruins in Siem Reap, the beaches in Koh Kong and Sihanoukville, city life in Phnom Penh along with a couple nights in my mother's village "Kien Svay."

In Siem Reap, We stayed at the Price D Angkor Hotel.  We loved going to Happy Hour on Bar street and people watching as we enjoyed our drinks and dinner.  

 We hired a Tuk Tuk driver and took us into the Ancient temples of Angkor Wat.  After a long and tiring hike, we watched the beautiful sunset from one of the ruins.

In Siem Reap, we went to the tourist trap "Cambodian Cultural Village".

In Sihanoukville, we snorkeled and ate "Happy Pizza"

We took a long ferry ride from Sihanoukville and met my family in Koh Kong and stayed at a beachside resort for a couple of days.

In Koh Kong, we went to Safari World.

After all the fun, we went back to the village to celebrate my cousins's wedding. We stayed at the White Elephant.

My cousin's traditional wedding took place in Kiev Svay and lasted for 2 days.

We went and visited the Mo's family in Battambang where he was able to meet his grandma.  She past a couple months afterwards.

We loved Cambodia and we will definitely be back soon!