Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mami's Hot Italian Sausage (Fenway Style)

The Mo and I were in the Fenway area twice this week, once just meeting up with some friends who were at the game and the later, actually going to the game.  Despite the horrible season, the Red Sox beat the Tigers, 6-4 and David Ortiz hit a home run!

Both times we went to Fenway, the Mo wanted an Italian sausage and both times, mission failed.

The first night, we spent too much time at the Yard House that all the Italian sausage carts surrounding Fenway park closed after the game which led to some of us taking advantage of the 2 pcs chicken and biscuit meal for $2.50 at Popeyes.  On the second night at the Tiger's game, we didn't have cash for the "cash only" sausage guy.

I felt bad about the Mo losing out on one of his favorite things to eat, so I decided to surprise him tonight with some home made Italian sausages.  It's probably not up to par with Fenway, but it sure was homemade, cheap and delicious! Plus we didn't have to shell out extra for the booze!

The going costs of Italian sausages around the Fenway area and in the stadium ranges between $7.00-9.00 from what I've seen.  The below sausage/roll cost only $2.25 each using ingredients from Market Basket (obviously I'm certain the ball park vendors have to pay all sorts of licensing and overhead fees). Most importantly, it had a crisp casing with a juicy filling and loads of flavor from the garlic sauteed vegetables.


  • Italian Sausages (Long Links)
  • Sub Rolls
  • Bell Peppers (all colors)
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic
  • 1 large onion
  • Optional: Hot Sauce
  • Cooking spray

Grill sausages on low heat on a covered grill for 15 minutes, periodically checking to make sure it doesn't burn.  

While the sausages are on the grill, cut up the garlic, peppers and onions and saute them on a greased skillet on medium heat. Since I cook the sausages on the grill, I use the side burner to cook the vegetables so I can keep an eye on both cooking stations at the same time.

After the sausages are cooked, turn the grill on high heat to sear the sausages.  (Please note this is the opposite of searing a steak then turning down the heat).  I prefer to do this to keep the sausage casing intact.  Sometimes when a sausage or hotdog is overheated for too long, the casing rips and the sausage expands.

It's optional, but I prefer my rolls toasted.  Everyone has their own preferences to a soft roll or a slightly crispy roll, we prefer the latter.

When both the sausages and vegetables are cooked, removed from heat and assemble the roll.  I prefer to put all the vegetables on the bottom of the roll and top it with the sausage so it doesn't fall part.  The Mo has to have pickled jalapenos.

1/2 a roll & sausage for Mami eggroll and 1 1/2 for the Mo.  Leftovers for lunch tomorrow?